Monday, April 29, 2019

Sans Pareil Nilotica Shea Butter

Okay, let's start off with a brand of rare shea butter that is well-sourced, put together, transparent, and currently well-priced--Sans Pareil Shea Butter.

Source:  Uganda
Processing Method: Cold-pressed
Ethics: Fair-trade & Sustainable
Butter Aesthetics:  Cream Colored & Smooth
Performance:  Highly Absorbable & Light Outer Protective Layer
Brand Aesthetics:  Transparent, Traceable, and Top-Notch
Buy at: Sans Pareil Naturals Website or Amazon

Sans Pareil Shea butter is from Uganda.  Ugandan shea butter, or East African shea butter, or Nilotica shea butter, is from the species Vitellaria Nilotica.  Nilotica shea butter has more oleic content than western shea butter from the species Vitellaria Paradoxa.  This means it is smoother and melts faster.

Regarding their processing methods, San Pareil reports:

Monday, April 15, 2019

Coming Soon...Shea Butter Reviews

For the last year, I have developed a passion for shea butter.  I've been trying different brands and researching this amazing butter.  It has been fascinating!  I dream of going to Africa myself to see it being processed.

From WikiMedia Commons
Why the passion?  Shea butter has transformed my skin.  It's not that shea butter makes my skin's that it makes my skin feel so healthy that I just don't enjoy the feel of makeup on my skin.  Which is really really odd for this make-up loving guru to say...because, hello, makeup is so fun!  But the bluntness in me cannot deny the change shea butter has made in my life.  I love it from the top of my head to the tip of my toes.

So...what brands of shea butter are good?  There are A LOT of different brands of shea butter out there.  I have not tried them all but I have tried quite a few:

Friday, March 22, 2019

Best Stovetop Cleaners

Stovetop Cleaner Test 1:
Purpose: Test different cleaning methods on the stove top.
Method: I divided bottom left burner into four sections.  I timed myself for one minute cleaning with four different cleaners.
Cleaners to be tested: Shaklee Scour Off, rubbing alcohol, E-cloth Stove & Range, and Magic Eraser.
Cleaning with Shaklee Scour Off, rubbing alcohol, E-cloth, Magic Eraser
Results:  Magic Eraser was the clear winner.  It thoroughly cleaned it's section within a minute. Second place was Shaklee Scour Off. In third place was the E-cloth stove and range cloth. The clear loser was rubbing alcohol.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Teaching Letters and Sounds

FRUGAL FRIDAY POST:  How I teach letters and sounds for FREE!

Over the years, I have tried to teach the letters and sounds to my kids.  Some years I have been more motivated than others.  Well, I think I have finally found a great way that works for me.

Not only is it free, it is simple.  As a mom of seven, free and simple are what I need! ;)  I use all three methods together and find them effective.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Cheapest places to buy Beef Bones for making Bone Broth

Have you jumped on the bone-broth-bandwagon yet?  If so, you might be wondering where in the world you go to buy beef bones for making bone broth because buying a good quality pre-made gelatinous bone broth is pricey.  Well, beef bones can be pricey too, with an average price between $5-$7/lb.

Here are my top two choices for where to buy inexpensive beef bones: