Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Birthday Freebies that are Worth the Trouble

Ah, the never-ending birthday freebie list.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  If not, you need to do a "birthday freebies" google search and get with the program.  ;)  I've signed up for so many of these birthday clubs that every year round this time my inbox is full of "freebies".  Which I LOVE!

But, to be honest, some of those freebies are just not worth the trouble.  I mean, a "free dessert" is just not that appealing to me.  So I am kind of stingy with how I use all those freebies.  So I thought I would you clue you into my:

No Messing Around
Birthday Freebie List

Completely Free Meals:  These places offer completely free birthday meals and most of them give a range of dates that the offer is valid, so spread that birthday cheer around.

  • Red Robin:  Any gourmet burger free (includes bottomless fries).  Dine-in only.  Add your kids when you register yourself and they'll send coupons for them as well!
  • Firehouse Subs:  Free medium sub ON your birthday just by showing your I.D.!  Take-out allowed.
  • Noodles & Company:  Free entree.  Take-out allowed.
  • Rubio's:  Free entree (plates and burritos included).  Take-out allowed.
  • Denny's:  Free Grand Slam breakfast meal ON your birthday.  Dine-in only.
  • Marie Callender's:  Free Magnificent Six breakfast meal.  Dine-in only.

Completely Free Beauty Products:  If you have one in your area, then I say it's worth dropping in for these freebies, which are usually a deluxe-sample-size-high-end-something-or-other.

B1G1 Free Meals Worth Noting:  These are some more expensive restaurants that are more local to my Utah area, but if you have a favorite restaurant that you love to go to for your birthday, don't hesitate to call them ahead of time and find out what they offer.

  • Rodizio Grill:  One complimentary Full Rodizio with purchase of one other Full Rodizio.
  • Temple Square Hospitality Restaurants:  Buy one get one free at The Garden Restaurant, Lion House Pantry or Nauvoo Café during your birthday month.  Or $25 off at The Roof Restaurant with the purchase of another Adult Buffet.
  • Benihana:  Order a dinner entree and get $30 off any other entree/side item.
  • Tucano's Brazilian:  Free meal with purchase of a meal.
How about you?  What is one of your favorite birthday freebies?

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  1. Love these! just signed up for several. Thank you, and this is super clear and easy.