Tuesday, May 19, 2020

How to grow Tomatoes as Perennials

This post is for my future reference, but it might interest my readers as well.

Tomatoes are tender perennials.  In a mild enough climate or warm enough greenhouse they can last for about two years.  Some people dig up their tomatoes and bring them in and then out again each year.  Others grow clones of their treasured tomato plants and grow them over the winter then put them out in the Spring for a headstart on the season. Read on for these methods in detail!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Probiotic Maker Review (aka EZ Yogurt Maker): Easiest Yogurt Ever

Do you want to know a method of making yogurt that takes less than a minute of preparation and has zero cleanup?

Let me introduce you to something called Probiotic Maker (formerly EZ Yogurt Maker).  I've been using it for about three years now.  It makes yogurt/kefir with less than one minute prep and has zero cleanup.

Here is what you do:
This is how easy it is the make the easiest yogurt (kefir/probiotic) ever.

  1. Open a new gallon (or half-gallon) of milk (or milk alternative) and pour the yogurt starter into the milk.  Replace cap and shake to distribute the powdered starter.
  2. Slip the maker over the gallon, plug it in, and let it culture for 8-11 hours.
  3. Transfer carefully (without shaking to the fridge) and cool at least 8 hours.  Enjoy!
I know, you are shaking your head right now. No boiling, no thermometer, no pans, no ice, no Instant Pot, no dishes???
I know!  Insanely. Easy. Homemade. Yogurt.

I've been using this over three years now and just love how easy it is and that each starter packet has 11 different strains.  I'll give you the cons first and then we can recap the PROS!  Yea!  Read on for more details!

Wicking Planter Barrel (SIP Planter) and Planned Fertilizers

I converted two of my barrel planters into wicking planters (SIP planters).

Here are more details: