Friday, August 12, 2022

Review of Cultures for Health Heirloom Starters of Yogurt

 Here's a quick mini review:

Ever hear of Mesophilic yogurts?  Those are yogurts you can culture on the countertop at room temperature.  I tried four different mesophilic yogurt cultures from Cultures for Health.  I was super excited to try a yogurt that easy where you just culture it on the countertop.

Sadly, I decided that I didn't like any of them (Villi, Filmjolk, Matsoni, Piima) because of their watery consistency.  They thickened up very well when cultured but that thickness just didn't remain when spooned into my just melted, kind of similar to what happens to gelatin.  When eating them there was no mouthfeel of typical yogurt. It is hard to describe but all of them were just missing something.  I was super bummed.

If I was going to try another meso yogurt, I think it would be Amasi, Halsofil, or Bollnasfil from Positively Probiotic and make it with half and half.  But honestly, if I wasn't happy with any of the above four that I have already tried, I am pretty doubtful that I want to venture into any more mesophilic cultures right now.

What about you?  Is there any mesophilic starter you can recommend?