Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Norwex vs E-Cloth: Why Premium Microfiber is not your Cleaning Fairy Godmother

I could spend a long time comparing all the cloths that Norwex has to offer with all the cloths that E-Cloth has to offer, but for everyone's reading sanity, let's keep this short and show each brand's two major cleaning cloths.  Both brands produce premium microfiber cloths.  And I love cleaning with them.

E-Cloth draped over Norwex. The window cloths are on top of picture.

Close up two E-Cloth General Purpose Cloths and Norwex Enviro Cloth 
What you need to know about both brands:

Norwex makes high quality microfiber cloths.  So does E-Cloth.
Norwex is rather expensive.  E-Cloth is rather reasonable.
Norwex strands are 1/200th the diameter of human hair.  Same with E-Cloth.
Properly used, Norwex can remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface.  E-Cloth boasts over 99%.
Norwex has a 2-year microfiber warranty.  E-Cloth has a 3-year microfiber warranty.
Norwex a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.  E-Cloth does too, but there is no stated time-frame.
Norwex has BacLock.  E-Cloth does not.  E-Cloth used to dabble in such a feature with their Professional General Purpose cloth but ultimately decided to nix silver additives.