Wednesday, December 9, 2020

2021 Gift Guide

Best Kitchen Gadget ChopperAlligator Chopper  The key to choppers is how they handle onions.  If you want a crisp clean cut like the one below, the Alligator is the best.  And this brand has a special built-in grid that makes clean-up so much easier than other brands out there.  The Alligator Chopper is my go-to for dicing onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchinis, mushrooms, and even carrots.  You can use the Alligator Chipper for big half-inch pieces like potatoes/apples.  Use the Alligator Mini for finely dicing/mincing hot peppers and garlic.  But if you are choosing just one from their line-up, hands down the best one is the classic Alligator Chopper.  It is sold on Amazon too.

Best Yogurt Maker: If you love yogurt, then you have got to invest in the Probiotic Maker (previously know as the EZ Yogurt Maker).  I have waxed poetic about them many times!  Seriously the easiest and fastest way to make yogurt over and over again with zero prep and zero clean-up.

Best Teenage Gift:  One of the best gifts I ever gave my teenager was a t-shirt bought on Amazon that featured his favorite childhood Pixar movies.  It was about $20 and I was worried he wouldn't like it, but he loved it AND gets compliments from his peers when he wear it. Take the idea and run with it.

Best Gardening Gift:  After having gardened for many years, I think a gift card to Baker Creek's Rare Seed collection or Victory Seeds is a stellar choice.  And for those gardeners who also like to compost, a worm bin like Worm Factory or Worm Cafe is a great baby step into worm composting, which is vital for understanding how soil is rejuvenated.

Best Gift for Bakers:  I love baking and have a few tools that just make baking so much easier.  Like parchment paper with fun designs, good quality bench scraper/dough cutter, and also Vollrath disher scoops!

Best DVD to bring in the New Year: Gotta love the Bachelor Mother with Ginger Rogers and David Niven.

Let's make 2021 great! Have a favorite gift idea?  Comment below! :)