Monday, May 18, 2020

Wicking Planter Barrel (SIP Planter) and Planned Fertilizers

I converted two of my barrel planters into wicking planters (SIP planters).

Here are more details:

I will be adding a wicking string to it and also adding in a PVC pipe for water filling.  The reservoir capacity (holes for aeration and air-gap is 1.5 inches) is between 3-4 gallons, so it should cut down on the amount of watering I need to do.

I will fill with potting MIX that needs some fertilizer added to it.  I did a lot of looking at different brands and have decided that I will mix either Garden Tone (3-4-4) or Jobe's Organic Tomato Fertilizer (2-5-3).  Here is a snippet comparing the choices.  For watering, I will use WATER SOLUBLE Miracle Gro Performance Organics Edibles (the black box with strawberries, tomatoes, and greens on it and percentage 9-4-12).

I'll update as the season goes on.

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