Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Instant Pot Ultra vs Power Quick Pot

I own both the Instant Pot Ultra (6 qt) and the Power Quick Pot (8 qt).  I have been using both about a year.

Power Quick Pot is better than Instant Pot Ultra.
Snippets from Instant Pot and Tristar Cares
I prefer the Power Quick Pot for three reasons:

  1. It comes to pressure 1-2 minutes faster (I have timed this) than Instant Pot Ultra.  This is a huge when cooking things less than 10 minutes under pressure.
  2. It releases steam quieter and faster (haven't timed this) than the Instant Pot Ultra.  Again, huge when cooking things less than 10 minutes under pressure.
  3. It has had fewer mishaps than the Instant Pot Ultra.  The Ultra has failed to come to pressure about two times for me and also has given me a a burn error when cooking rice.
Cons of both cookers:
  • That twisty knob is inconvenient!  I would rather use (and clean!) a completely flat panel.
  • Rice turns out tasting metallic.  I still prefer to cook rice in a regular rice cooker.
  • Roasts don't turn out as tender.  When used as a slow cooker, neither can deliver the tenderness that a regular slow cooker can.
Now, for the sad part.  Power Quick Pot is made by TriStar Cares which apparently likes to move on to the latest-and-greatest really fast.  And when they do, they just stop making the old version.  They have already discontinued the Power Quick Pot in order to make way for their new air fryer/pressure cooker combo.  However, the Power Quick Pot is still available at some stores and at a huge discount (Walmart, Amazon, Kohl's, Best Buy).  In this case, I would buy from Kohl's because of their return policy.

TriStar Care's new air fryer/pressure cooker combo is called Emeril Pressure AirFryer which can also be found at Sam's Club and Amazon.  Other latest-and-greatest air fryer/pressure cooker combos include Instant Pot Duo Crisp and Ninja Foodie Deluxe.

6 qt or 8 qt pressure cooker?
Whatever kind of cooker you buy, I strongly urge you to buy an 8-quart version:
  • When I make yogurt, I can make four 1-quart jars of yogurt in my Power Quick Pot (8 qt) using the Sous Vide setting.  Then I don't have to worry about transferring the yogurt from the pot to separate containers once the yogurt has cooled.
  • I love doing soups in pressure cookers, and when I use the 8 quart cooker, I can have leftover soup.  The 6 quart cooker just doesn't make enough soup for my big family.  Same with mashed potatoes.
  • When you make cheesecake or anything that is going to be cooked in a separate pan, that cheesecake or casserole can be cooked in an even larger/wider pan.
Where to Buy?
In general, the warranty period of electric pressure cookers is one year or LESS, even though the companies say that they should give you "years" of cooking.  So, I strongly urge that you buy all household stuff like this from a store that has good return policy (Costco has the best IMHO with Amazon trailing right behind in terms of customer service).

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