Thursday, December 1, 2016

Alligator Chopper vs PL8 Professional Chopper Review....What is the Best Chopper?

Okay, so I have issues cutting onions.  They make me cry AND the leftover onion-y air particles stay in my eyes/contacts for hours.  Four years ago I did some looking around for a onion chopper.  I found a Vidalia Chop Wizard without the dicer piece at my local thrift store and I also bought a Alligator Dicer from Amazon.

The Vidalia Chop Wizard worked great for chopping produce for quite some time...until the base broke.  The Alligator dicer was loved instantly and it is still going strong.  I love, love, LOVE it.  But the Alligator dicer has only one chop blade and I have really been wanting a chopper that has different sized chop blades.  And when I dice tomatoes with the Alligator dicer, the juices run out onto the counter because its collector container is above the unit instead of below.  So I have been looking at different choppers in the hopes of finding THE PERFECT one.

So after much looking around online, I settled on the PL8 Professional Chopper and I bought it from Jet.  It has the ability to do a 1/2-inch chop, 1/4-inch dice, and 1/8-inch mince.  It also utilizes a cleaning grid system like my beloved Alligator Dicer.

Long review short, I still think the Alligator chopper is way better than the PL8.  I am majorly bummed because I was hoping that the PL8 would out-shine it BUT it just couldn't get a crisp, clean cut/dice like my trusty Alligator.  Plus, the PL8 was a huge PAIN to clean, even with its cleaning grid system.
This picture shows how the Alligator chopper can dice a red onion beautifully and cleanly.
So what now?  I have purchased an attachment piece for my Alligator that will allow a 1/2-inch chop.  I will just deal with the tomato juice issue.  And I still really want to buy this version of the Alligator but I just can't justify the expense.  Of course, I will keep my eyes open for one that can top my Alligator chopper.  ;)  Until then, I'm going to say that the best onion and food chopper is the Alligator. It rocks!!!

Thanks for reading!

PS:  I do think that it is worth mentioning that the Vidalia Chop Wizard company, when they heard about this post, offered to replace the broken part.  But since I had bought it used and had already got rid of it, I declined.  So they have good customer service.  If the Alligator choppers are too pricey for you, I would consider buying the original Vidalia Chop Wizard either directly from the company or from BBB using a $5 off $15+ purchase coupon that they often send in the mail.  I would not recommend their Elite version (based on online reviews).


  1. Don't buy the Alligator. I spent the extra money for their stainless pro edition. Spent money to sent if from Sweden to around the world. After 2 months the stainless steel had rusted to pieces. So don't bother with this!

    1. Thanks for tip on Alligator's stainless version. It's always good to hear the experience of others! And thanks for reading. I do still recommend their plastic original chopper (the white and green one). They last about 3 years before needing replacement. I like to buy them as wedding gifts. They also stand by their products. They replaced one of their choppers that was defective. I cook with a lot of veggies and onions and Alligator Original is still my BFF, even though it leaks juice by nature of its design.