Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Why use Smith's Clicklist? Here are 5 reasons!

I've been wanting to try Smith's online grocery pick up service Clicklist for a long time and finally got around to trying it.  I was afraid it would take too long to learn the Clicklist "ropes" and also afraid that I would get ripped off.  But the opposite is true and I'm pretty excited.  If you have been thinking about trying Clicklist, I encourage you to give it a try.  Right now, they are waiving the Clicklist Fee ($4.95) for your first three times using Clicklist.  FYI, I have no problem paying the fee in the future because of the following reasons. :)

 5 reasons to shop Smith's Clicklist

So I got all the above groceries for $39.56 from Smith's but I didn't even have to step foot into the store.  I was able to shop their sales, get my staples, and use coupons too.  I know, that's like a savvy shopping homemakers dream come true.  Read on for all the details.
Why you should give Smith's Clicklist a try:
  1. Shop in Online Comfort: You can shop Clicklist from the comfort of your home or wherever you are connected to the internet.  Note: you will be able to see the sale prices of items but you won't be able to see the Buy __ Get __ Off prices until you go to pick up your groceries and get to review your receipt.  The same applies for digital and paper coupons.  Before you add an item to your cart, you can give special instructions regarding that item.  For example, I didn't know if the Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats were included in the sale promotion, so I wrote in the special instructions that I only wanted them if they were part of the sale promotion.
  2. Choose Pick-Up Time:  During the process, you will be able to choose a pick-up time.  Then when your pick-up time arrives, you drive on in and wait in one of their specially marked Clicklist spots.  You call the provided number and let them know you're there.  Then a store associate comes out and reviews the order with you and loads your groceries for you.  If they had to make a substitution, they will let you know.  (Trust me, substitutions are more like upgrades, so I wouldn't waste much time worrying about it!  You can read the FAQ to learn more, if you want.)  You can also check your receipt to make sure that digital coupons came off and that Buy __ Get __ Off prices came off too.  
  3. Use Coupons:  Then you hand over any paper coupons you have and the associate goes back into the store to deduct your coupons and then bring you out a final receipt.  I was there about 10 minutes, but I had questions for the associate and chatted a bit, so in the future, I think it will take about 5 minutes.
  4. Feel like a VIP:  This whole time you feel like a VIP.  You're taking it easy while the associates do all the work for you.  You're in a special VIP Clicklist parking spot, get to call a special phone number, and then they bring your groceries out in specially marked Clicklist grocery bags.  They even noticed the 3 kiddos in the back and asked me if it was okay if they gave them fruit snacks.  People trudging in the store to battle the crowds to do their shopping are like thinking, "Wow, who's the cool mama and why is she getting all the cool treatment!?!"  ;)  
  5. Save Time & Money: Ordering the groceries is as fast as your clicking and decision making skills are, and picking up the groceries takes about 5-10 minutes once you make the call to tell them you're there.  You won't be stepping into the store, so you won't be making any impulse purchases.  Sometimes it's fun to shop in the store, and sometimes it's torture.  For the times when it might be torture (aka: you have your 3 toddlers with you), go with Clicklist.
And if you are still wondering if you want to risk trying something as cool as Clicklist, please consider that Smith's wants you to be 100% satisfied with your order and to call them if you aren't.

PS:  I didn't get anything from this post besides the satisfaction of letting you know about my positive experience with Clicklist.

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