Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Cheapest places to buy Beef Bones for making Bone Broth

Have you jumped on the bone-broth-bandwagon yet?  If so, you might be wondering where in the world you go to buy beef bones for making bone broth because buying a good quality pre-made gelatinous bone broth is pricey.  Well, beef bones can be pricey too, with an average price between $5-$7/lb.

Here are my top two choices for where to buy inexpensive beef bones:

Whole Foods:  I called my local Whole Foods butcher department, and he said that they sell them in the freezer department for 2.99/lb.  This was by far the cheapest price I have locally.  I'm not sure that they are grass-fed, but I am assuming that they are pretty clean since, well, it's Whole Foods. ;)

Strauss Direct:  Strauss Direct only charges $2.50/lb for grass-fed beef bones but have a $25.00 shipping fee.  So if you buy 16 lbs of bones, you're looking at a price point of about $4.06/lb delivered right to your door.

Wondering who all I price checked?  Redmond Heritage Farms, Farm Foods, Greensburg, Crowd Cow, Grassland Beef US Wellness, White Oak Pastures, and The Organic Butcher.

Can you find a place that sells good quality beef bones for even less?  Please let us know in the comments below!

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