Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Best Washing Machines 2022

 This post is mostly for me so I don't forget the info.

I've been searching for a washing machine that completely covers the clothes with water.  I am done with the HE water skimping washers that take hours of washing in order to get clothes sufficiently clean.

Here are the top three:

  1. Speed Queen TC5, specifically AWN632SP116TW02:  Built to have a 25 year life, this washer fills all the way till full.  It has true water temperature and a 5 year parts and labor warranty.  It is built with commercial grade parts (including all metal gear transmission) and has a fast (32:40 on heavy cycle), aggressive wash.  It is basic, no frills washing machine designed to clean well and fast and last!  Expect to pay about $1449.  Yep.  Ouch.
  2. Maytag Commercial, specifically MVWP575G:  This washer is designed old school to clean just as well as the TC5 above, but with more washing cycle modes.  It also comes with a 5 year parts and labor warranty, but is not built as solidly as the TC5 and certainly not expected to last 25 years, more like 5-10.  Expect to pay $1099.
  3. For a low budget option that does a thorough clean with deep water wash and dual-action agitator, is the Amana NTW4516, also known as the Roper RTW4516 and Whirlpool WTW4816.  It only has a limited one year warranty.  All three are a bit hard to find.  Expect to pay $500-$600.
  4. Honorable mention goes to Crosley Professional series.  This brand only sell to "mom and pop" appliance stores and offers a 1-year full parts and labor warranty with 10-year warranty on their motors and major components.  Look for a model that has deep fill options on all cycles.  I looked at the YTW4514PNDG.  Be aware that this brand contracts out the construction of their machines to other big name companies.  Ask the sales associate who the manufacturer is and look at compare the warranty fine prints to get the best deal.  Expect to pay about $850.

Brands to avoid

  • LG and Samsung.  Although they may work well when they work, the word on the street is that a lot of repairman refuse to service them under warranty because of how badly LG and Samsung treat them (as in do not pay the repairman).
  • GE has a lot of gearcase issues like oil leaks, especially the ones with plastic parts, so if you do spring for a GE, do your homework and make sure it has a metal gearcase (gearbox).
  • Avoid machines with wash-plates and impellers.  Word on the streets is that this cleaning method is pretty ineffective.

Buying tips:

  • Use a credit card that has a great purchase protection, damage protection and offers extended warranty.  For example, Costco Citi Visa has an amazing 120-day damage and theft protection as well as 2-year extended warranty.  Buying with a credit card like this doubles, sometimes triples your buying protection.
  • If you can, buy from a local "mom and pop" appliance store.  These places often only display what they actually have on stock.  Meaning you can walk out of there with your appliance.  Other appliance stores might have models out on the floor that are on back-order and with today's supply chain issues, buying something that isn't in stock is a real gamble.
  • Consider used: If you can find a used, old school washing machine in great condition, go for it.  Just research its model number first.  I actually ended up buying a used 15-year old UniMac, which is the commercial line of Speed Queen.
  • I highly recommend Automatic Washer website thread.  It has a wealth of knowledge and is pretty fun to read.

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