Friday, May 12, 2017

Jello Simply Good Gelatin and Pudding Review

I cannot tell you how pleased I was to find JELL-O Simply Good gelatin.

I'm talkin':

Feel-like-doing-cartwheels pleased.
High-fives all around with the grocers pleased.
Creating abstract art with my JELL-O Simply Good loot pleased.

Smiley face made out of JELLO Simply Good gelatin
Seriously, I had given up on finding gelatin mixes without artificial dyes and it was just so satisfying to see these little packets of JELL-O Simply Good gelatin with the words "NO artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives" on the front. I bought all the flavors.  Then when I saw them in another store, it was happy flashback time and I bought even more.  And I picked up quite a few puddings too.  Yes, puddings too!

In the past, the biggest thing holding me back from purchasing JELL-O brand for snacks and desserts for my six kids (and me) was the artificial dyes. I love the texture and overall taste of gelatin, but I really don't like eating foods that have lots of artificial dyes and other unknowns that make them look and taste "off".

Since my kids LOVE gelatin, I had developed a method of using juice and Knox gelatin to make gelatin for our family. But there are like two more steps to making Knox gelatin with juice, and so my gelatin making days became more and more rare. I like to think it had something to do with my SIX chittles, but really I think it just boils down to me being lazy. There is something so great about mixes with minimal instructions.

So how do they taste? They taste great, simply great.  The colors are vibrant and there is bold flavor and tartness. The only thing I would change is to lower the amount of sugar. I say that about almost anything in boxes and mixes though (I'm the type of gal that cuts the sugar in half in recipes...).

Shows flavors of JELLO Simply Good gelatin and pudding to go along with review.

I am so happy that they came out with these. It feels wonderful when big companies like KRAFT take a step forward through going back to simple ingredients. I highly encourage you to try them and provide feedback to the company.  Cost-wise, they are just a bit more than regular JELL-O. The first store I was at had them for about $1.50 and the second one had them for $1.25.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I agree with you, Abi, that Kraft has taken a forward step with this JELL-O product that has no artificial ingredients and no dyes. I've tried the Vanilla Bean Simply Good pudding and I like it! Thank you KRAFT HEINZ FOODS Co. for doing the "right" thing for their customers;)