Monday, October 9, 2017

Mega Magnetic Tile Series: Playmags Review

When I first began testing out sets for this magnetic tile review series, I bought this 5-piece stabilizer set from Playmags. It quickly became apparent that the Playmag tiles were super strong and very well built, but I didn't know how to thoroughly show that on my blog with just five tiles. The Playmag company very generously stepped in and sent me two sets to test out. Thanks!

Playmags 100-piece set (with 18 bonus Clickin pieces) are currently on sale and only $57.99 on Amazon. That's only 58 cents per magnetic tile (I am not counting the bonus Clickin pieces in the tile average because they don't contain magnets BUT they are unique addition to this set).  I have followed this brand for a couple of years and the current price is the lowest I have ever seen, so if you are considering this set, don't delay. Amazon prices can change by the hour. This set include the following shapes:

Snippet from Amazon
Read on for more details!

Appearance: Playmags have a smooth surface. They are made with high grade ABS plastic that is BPA-free and Phthalate-free. Playmags are fastened with rivets and stabilized with an inside lattice. They are colored translucent red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple.

Snippet from Amazon
Magnetic Strength:  I would rank the magnetic strength of Playmags as excellent. Their magnets are stronger than any competitive brands on the market. Playmags are the ONLY brand that I have found in which the large square tiles can hold up another large square tile horizontally!!! I thought that this would make the dangling limit for both large and small squares out of this world amazing, and was perplexed when the dangling limit of the small squares was 6 and the large square dangling limit was 4. Then I put my thinking cap on and figured out that the stronger (and larger) magnets would also be heavier. Thus the dangling limits would be similar to other brands out there that I rank as excellent.

Safety: Conforms to all applicable toy safety standards.

Company: Playmags offers a 1-year limited warranty. However, as customer satisfaction is their number one goal, Playmags does try to service their customers thereafter for any upcoming issues. Playmags have been responsive and courteous in all our interactions.

Unique Traits: Playmags feature Clickins, plastic pieces that will snap into the magnetic window tiles for more creative play. I also need to point out again that Playmags is the only brand in which a large square tile can support another large square tile when held horizontally.  This is a very well-made brand.

Here are creations using Playmags, courtesy of my littles.

Some tips: I recommend that you have 60-80 magnetic tiles per child to cut down on frustrations and arguments. You will be amazed at the creativity of your kids! Supplement this set with Playmags stabilizer set or my absolute favorite add-on from ShapeMags to take magnetic tile play to new heights.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned because there are more brands (like MagnoMagic, Picasso, and ShapeMags) to come in this mega review series.  Here are links to the other sets in this magnetic tile series:

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