Tuesday, April 11, 2023

MetaPWR: doTERRA’s most versatile blend with DIY MetaPWR


I decided that I can't recommend the doTERRA company.  Over the last year, I had questions regarding their Frankincense oil (their most over-priced and controversial oil) and its associates would not give me straight answers.  The further I dug into finding out answers, the more doTERRA became the King of Defection over the King of Oils, leaving a bad taste in my mouth.  I did not always feel this way about their company and have some of their oils that I still use, but have no intention of reordering from doTERRA.  I hope that one day their corporate leadership will be fully transparent, show public remorse, abandon their corrupt supplier, truly buy direct from the locals, and begin to repair the frankincense fiasco that they created (whether knowingly or unknowingly) in Somaliland and surrounding countries.  Maybe one day if I get brave enough, I will do a post about it.  For now, please do some research and decide for yourself if doTERRA is a company for you.  I still think that the oils in MetaPWR create a great blend though.  Here's my guess*** at the MetaPWR formula:

DIY MetaPWR Oils:  

  • 35% Ruby Red Grapefruit
  • 25% Lemon
  • 25% Ginger
  • 10% Cinnamon Bark
  • 5% Peppermint
To make a more child-friendly version, switch the peppermint out for spearmint, and then make sure to only use this as a diffuser blend for kids (on account of the cinnamon bark).

Original Post with Applicable Edits: 

Ask doTERRA enthusiasts across the globe what blend is best and they'll probably answer On Guard** or Digestzen.  I’m saying MetaPWR.  If I had to choose just one doTERRA blend to use it would be MetaPWR because it doubles as On Guard or Digestzen, and triples as an emotional wellness blend.  

The reason why I think it is a good replacement for On Guard and DigestZen is the ingredient overlap.

doTERRA MetaPWR vs On Guard vs Digestzen

Here are some of the supposed benefits of the individual oils in MetaPWR:

Lemon: cleanses, purifies, digests, uplifts
Grapefruit: metabolizes, uplifts, energizes
Peppermint: breathes, clears, digests, energizes
Ginger: digests, soothes, calms
Cinnamon Bark: purifies, protects, comforts, warms

If you want to get creative and have more fun with this versatile blend, you could add a drop or two of another oil to up its synergy.  Add some tangerine to make it a sleep blend.  Add tea tree to turn it into a household cleaner.  Now you’re blendin’!

*Safety Note:  Remember that citrus oils are generally phototoxic so avoid sun exposure if you are using topically.

**Formulator Note:  Did you know that Dr. Robert Pappas formulated On Guard?  It was formulated to be a diffusing blend.

***MetaPWR vs Slim & Sassy: What makes MetaPWR different from its predecessor Slim & Sassy?  My guess is that they increased the grapefruit ratio (color deduction) and decreased the peppermint ratio (scent deduction).  Here are some pictures comparing the two oils as they dried on a plate.

doTERRA metaPWR vs Slim & Sassy

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