Thursday, April 13, 2023

FREE doTERRA Membership with ANY purchase; best doTERRA hack

Updates in red:  I can no longer recommend the doTERRA company.

Original Post:

Want to purchase doTERRA products at wholesale prices but don't want to pay the $35 membership fee or buy a pricey enrollment kit?  Then this is your lucky day!  I wish that I had been able to start with a referral link to a free membership because my doTERRA journey sure has been bumpy.

doTERRA has a "Refer a Friend" program and it is basically the best deal I have ever seen them do, tying only with their Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) sales that run a few times a year.

If you can get a referral link from anyone with a doTERRA membership (just ask on FB and I am sure the doTERRA flock will happily comply), then ANY purchase gives you FREE wholesale membership to doTERRA for one year.  Plus, your referring friend gets a reward of 20% of what you buy in your first purchase.

(FAQ for this offer here.)

Wondering what to get?

If you are new to doTERRA, I suggest you start with a small purchase, keeping in mind that doTERRA prices are only competitive during BOGO week and that they have these sales 2-4 times a year.

  • Single citrus oil
  • Multifunctional roll-on, like Forgive Touch
  • MetaPWR blend (my personal favorite)
  • Small Introductory Kit

FREE doterra membership deal scenario

If you are familiar with doTERRA (offer only good for those without a doTERRA account), go for near-and-dear products, something new-to-you, or become a DIY pro with accessories.

  • Correct-X
  • Roller Bottles
  • Ultra Fine Continuous Mist Sprayers
Or, if you want to commit to a monthly, customizable purchase, then you could click the "subscribe monthly" box and begin your Loyalty Rewards Program* adventure (basically a program to incentivize you to buy massive amounts of products).

free doterra membership scenario

While it would be nice if you would use my referral link (I removed my link as I no longer recommend the doTERRA company), if you have a close friend who is already a member, then reach out to them for a link.

I post this because it is a great deal for those who want to stick with the doTERRA brand or try out the brand at a lower price.  I personally have issues with doTERRA. Now I have big issues with doTERRA.  I like their oils (NOT their frankincense for ethical reasons) but dislike how their structure/culture leads to overpriced products and unsafe usage.  doTERRA prices are only competitive during BOGO week.  Thus I use other legit brands too, like Eden's Garden, Simply Earth, and Plant Therapy.

*LRP note:  LRP is great for those who use many doTERRA products in their home.  But I am a DIYer and only need their oils (and I don't ingest/supplement with the oils) so investing in the LRP just for the higher discount is financially unwise for me.  Did you know that if you are buying with their LRP program, you would need to spend AT LEAST $650 over time in order to end up earning your 30% LRP status and end up with 120 reward points?  If you wanted to earn the free monthly oil in addition to the 30% LRP status, you would need to spend AT LEAST $1625 and also end up with 300 reward points and 13 free oils.

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