Monday, June 5, 2023

doTERRA hacks; 5 Tips to Make Your Life and Wallet Happier

5 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Attending a doTERRA Party
  1. doTERRA parties are business kick-offs for the host.
  2. doTERRA is complicated.
  3. Your first doTERRA order doesn't earn you any points.
  4. doTERRA isn't THE best choice.
  5. doTERRA is way overpriced.
1.  Nowadays, doTERRA parties/classes are usually business kick-offs for the host.  So if you aren't close to the host, it might be wise to buy nothing.  Give yourself some time to learn more before locking yourself into an enrollment kit and/or upline.

2.  doTERRA is complicated.  When you buy an enrollment kit, you are locking yourself into their structure (some say MLM, others say pyramid) where if you do decide to become a seller at any point, you are stuck on the team that you enrolled under.  Also, to get a good deal at doTERRA, you have to learn the ropes and there are a ton of them!  Another reason to give yourself some time to think before you buy.  Seriously, you have time on your side.

3.  If you plan on being brand loyal, your first order should be small, because your first order doesn't really count.  Your first doTERRA order doesn't earn you any points.  And you only earn points if you use their Loyalty Reward Program (LRP), which is basically a monthly subscription to reward you for purchasing more products on a regular basis.

4.  doTERRA isn't THE best choice.  You might hear some scary statements at a party that talk about essential oils being fraudulent, diluted, or adulterated.  This is a real problem.  The hosts of the party then proceed to make you think that doTERRA is the only company out there with the real deal.  But that is just not true.  A small list of authentic companies is at the end of these tips.

5.  doTERRA is way overpriced.  doTerra oils are high quality but overpriced in order to make their MLM business thrive. There are good deals to be had, but you need to work the system (aka only shop during BOGO weeks) to find them.  How overpriced?  Just look at some of the alternative companies below to get a reality check.

Oh, snap!:  If you are saying that, then you have attended the party and spent way too much.  I feel for ya!  If it's been less than 30 days, consider returning it all, even if you have used it.  (They have a 30 satisfaction guarantee and you can also return unopened products for about a year.  See more info here.

doTERRA alternatives: doTERRA is just one company among many companies that sells authentic, undiluted, pure essential oils.  Here are some others, with my current favorites listed at the top, but I would trust all of them.

Edens Garden
Plant Therapy
Simply Earth
Rocky Mountain Oils
Davina Wellness (sells tiny sizes in addition to the classic ones)
Aromatics International
Hopewell Oils
Nature's Gift
Mountain Rose

There are a few others that I would maybe trust, but I would need to learn a bit more or have future positive experiences with in order to regain trust in them:

Revive (slow customer service...oil quality varies...but a couple of their lavender oils are fantastic)
Aura Cacia
Stillpoint Aromatics
Eden Botanicals
NOW (they might have cleaned up their act by NOW, but I'm not sure)

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