Monday, September 11, 2023

the best lavender essential oils of 2023

I use lavender essential oil quite a bit and although it's not my favorite scent or oil, I believe from reading journal articles that lavender is one of the most tested and proven therapeutic essential oils.  It's also a great base for many blends.  When I ran out of my doTERRA lavender oil (I don't purchase from doTERRA anymore for ethical reasons), I became obsessed with finding THE best lavender essential oil.  Oh, how many articles and GCMS reports I poured over!  I don't want to be the only one to benefit from all that research, so this post was born.  Enjoy!

the best lavender essential oils of 2023

I would trust ALL of the following lavender essential oils to be pure, unadulterated, undiluted, and high quality.  Seriously!  I combed through their description and GCMS reports, compared prices, and production dates.  No, I have not tried all of these, but I would be happy to have any of them.

best lavender essential oils budget picks ($1.00 or less per ml as of July 2023)

very best lavender essential oils overall
noteworthy picks

fun lavender sets

Ever wondered how to make sense of those big words on GCMS reports?  Hopefully, the following guide will help you.  I'm not an expert chemist, but I am an expert consumer and I don't click "buy"  on essential oils without feeling good about it.  The following are key things to look for in lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) GCMS compound percentages:
  • Linalool:  Normal range is 25-40%.
  • Linalyl acetate: Normal range is 25-45%.
  • Lavandulyl acetate:  Normal range is 2-4%.   Super low percentages of lavandulyl acetate could be a red flag for adulteration. Super high quality, unique lavenders have higher than 4%, but this is not typical.
  • Terpinen-4-ol:  Normal range is 2-6%.  Terpinen-4-ol supposedly provided immune support.
  • Beta carophyllene: Look for 2% or more to benefit skin
  • Camphor: 1% or less
  • 1,8-Cineole: 1% or less
  • Borneol: 1% or less
Lavender is often adulterated with the cheaper and lower quality lavadin which is usually higher in camphor, or with synthetic linalool or synthetic linalyl acetate.

I would love to hear about your experiences with lavender oil and specific brands!

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