Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Awesome deal on Physicians Formula at Rite Aid till Oct 3 (No coupons involved!)

UPDATE:  Sadly, I cannot recommend their Organic Wear CC cream or mascara.

EXPIRED:  I need to interrupt my skin care series with a seriously frugal deal that you need to know about NOW because it only goes till Oct. 3, 2015.  When you buy $15 dollars worth of any Physicians Formula Cosmetics from Rite Aid, you get $10 loaded onto your PlentiPoints card.  You can do this deal twice..so buy $30 worth, then get $20 loaded on your card to use the next time you come in (as long as you wait 24 hours for it to successfully load)!

I have been wanting to try out their Organic Wear for a long time, but it is kind of pricey.  This was my golden opportunity.  And I seriously lucked out.  They still had some of their displays out where you get two mascaras for the price of one.  So I got a CC cream and four mascaras, all Organic, for about $15 (after you figure in the $20 that loaded on to my card).  AWESOME.  If you love any Physicians Formula products or have been wanting to try out their Organic Wear, then head your way there STAT!  Even without the free mascaras, I would consider this a HOT deal.

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