Friday, September 11, 2015

FREE Deluxe Sample Buxom Mascara at Sephora Inside JcPenney


I'm happy to share another Frugal Friday with you today.  And since my last two posts have compared mascaras, I thought this free mascara would be just the thing.  I picked mine up earlier this week and am excited to try it out. UPDATE:  I did not like this mascara at all.  It was a smudge pest!

You probably know that you can get a birthday freebie from Sephora by being a Beauty Insider.  And you probably know that you can ask Sephora employees to make you a sample of just about anything in the store.  But you might not know Sephora Inside JcPenney periodically and quite randomly releases coupons for FREE deluxe samples. UPDATE: These no purchase required coupons are becoming more and more rare!  So if you like Buxom Mascara, take advantage of this coupon with no expiration date.  Personally, I think their lip glosses and shadows are way better than this mascara.

They email and mail these coupons quite randomly.  I have come across quite a few of these coupons googling "deluxe sample Sephora Inside JcPenney".  I called Sephora's customer service about the coupons to see if it was okay to use them.
 The verdict was that as long as you printed the coupon with the barcode on it, were a Beauty Insider, and complied with the fine print on the coupon, then you were good to go.  So here you go (and bonus is that this particular coupon does not expire)!  If they are out of stock, ask them if they have a substitute that you could have instead.

This image in a snippet from Sephora inside JcPenney for a free deluxe sample of Buxom Mascara.
Thanks JcPenney!


  1. Hello!, I was wondering how do you opt in in the mailing list. I'm only on the email list. Also, do I have to sign up on the jcpenny website or sephora website to be on the mailing list? Thanks so much.

  2. Hi there! So these coupon mailers come from "Sephora Inside JcPenney" only. And there is no certain way to get them. You should definitely make sure that you sign up for the JcPenney Rewards program ( and also make sure that you are a Sephora Beauty Insider so that you will be eligible to redeem the coupon. Some people say that they started getting them once they got a JcPenney credit card. But I find the most luck finding them by just doing a google search for "sephora inside jcpenney deluxe sample" and then narrowing it down to the newest results, clicking "search tools" and then narrowing it down to the last half a year. Does this make sense? Were you able to pick up the Buxom Mascara? Good luck to you and thanks for reading!