Thursday, September 17, 2015

"Bachelor Mother" Movie Review...Neglected Classic

Okay four words for you:  Ginger. Rogers. David. Niven.

BOOM.  These iconic actors lit up the old film screen.  Ginger Rogers and Top Hat.  David Niven and The Pink Panther.

This was my film type growing up, along with Sleeping Beauty, Polyanna, The Harvey Girls, and Show Boat.  By the time I got to college, I considered myself an expert in musicals.  Then I enrolled in Film 101 and discovered one of the GREATEST classics of all time;

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I think that The Bachelor Mother got swept under the carpet because 1939 was a HUGE year for film, and also because it was a black and white movie competing with the new technicolor movies. Although it was well-received, its gross box office earnings were only 1.9 million dollars.  Let's put that into perspective with another movie that also came out in 1939: The Wizard of Oz.  The Wizard of Oz earned 5.3 million dollars in just their opening weekend!  So its easy to see how a movie like that could be neglected...but it is so sad to me because Bachelor Mother makes me so happy.

The comedic plot resolves around mistaken identities and an adorable baby orphan.  What would happen if a down-on-her-luck working girl picks up a baby left on the steps of an orphanage and is mistaken for the baby's mother?  I won't say anything more because it is Ginger Rogers and David Niven that make the following string of events a true DELIGHT.

Watch it please and comment below with your favorite line or scene!  Or do you have a favorite classic movie gem that also got swept under the carpet?

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