Thursday, September 24, 2015

FREE Sam's Club Membership for New or Expecting Moms is LEGIT...[OFFER EXPIRED]

Here's the inside of my mailer.
UPDATE-UPDATE:  So I thought that I would let you know that the mailed did indeed come from Sam's Club. I went into Sam's Club with my mailer and scored a free years membership.  It was just in the nick of time because my "new" baby was about to turn two (and the requirement for this offer was one year or younger).  Thanks again, Sam's!

UPDATE:  So the date to contact Sam's Club about this offer has passed.  I was supposed to get a mailer by October 15th, but have not yet.  I contacted Sam's Club about it and they said that they are backlogged and behind schedule.  A mailer should be coming in the next few weeks. Are you as excited as me?

So have you heard about this offer of a FREE annual Sam's Club membership offer for new or expecting moms???  Sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, time to be surprised in a good way!

The free membership offer is completely VALID.  And there are more ways than calling them to redeem this offer.  Whichever way you go, you will need to provide them with your name, complete mailing address, email address, and phone number.  To be considered a "new mom", you have to have a child that is one year or under.  Contact them before September 29th!

1.  Call 1-888-746-7726 and be prepared to wait on hold.
2.  Email Sam's Club
3.  Send a PRIVATE Facebook message through Sam's Club's Page

There is a controversial way that some people are reporting success with, and that is to go into your local Sam's Club and sign up there.  But this method has been hit and miss.

Oh, and one more thing:  BE POLITE in all your interactions with Sam's Club employees.  This is a very generous offer that they CHOSE to offer new or expecting moms.  If you do not fit the criteria, do not sent them a complaint.  :)

HERE is the long story if you want more details:

I heard about it on Hip2Save, called them and finally got through after about a half hour waiting and they gave me a reference number, saying that someone would be calling me to complete the registration.  I visited their Facebook page to see if they had any information listed there.  And in the visitor posts I read that you could send them a Facebook private message.  So I did that too because I didn't provide my address to them while on the phone.  Soon after doing that, I read a comment on a blog thread saying that they went into their local Sam's Club to redeem the offer, and the employee there said that Sam's Club's phone lines and website had been hacked.  This got me pretty worried, so I emailed their press department asking if they had indeed been hacked and if I should be worried for giving them my personal information.  This is their reply:

  • "Hi, Abi, and thanks for your note.  We apologize for any conflicting information you may have received regarding our membership offer for new moms. The offer is valid, and I hope you take advantage of it. The varying information you received has nothing at all to do with a hack."
This is what I got in reply to my Facebook message:
  • "You will receive a mailer with the membership offer by October 15th. Once the mailer is received you will need to go to the club to activate the membership. You will  have until November 15, 2015 to activate the membership in the club."
Isn't this so very kind of Sam's Club!?!  I am excited.  Thanks Sam's Club!!!

PLEASE NOTE:  I have not competed the entire sign-up process.  I am still waiting for the mailer to be delivered.  I cannot guarantee 100% that you will be able to get this offer.  It all began as a word of mouth thing that spread viral in one day.  But I have honestly reported what I have learned about this offer.  Don't get mad at me if this doesn't work for you.  :)


  1. LOVE this! And your blog! You are amazing (and I have always been secretly envious that you were able to just say what was on your mind without worrying about what others might think - I've always thought it would have saved me tons of guy trouble in high school and college - lol).

    1. Thanks for reading Krista! And thanks for liking my blog! Its a new adventure for me. I love telling people about products, freebies, and whatever I'm currently obsessing over.

  2. How awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this info! I just emailed them.

    1. Your welcome. I hope everything goes just wonderful!

  3. How awesome! Thanks so much for sharing this info! I just emailed them.