Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Acure Organics Argan Oil Review

2019 UPDATE:  While I still do love Acure Organics Argan Oil, my favorite place to buy Argan Oil is my local Trader Joes (if I remember right, it is about $7 for 1.7 oz).  And my favorite way to use Argan Oil is to mix it with Unrefined Shea Butter for a luxurious face cream.

Have you been afraid to use oil as moisturizer?  At first, I was leery of using oil as a moisturizer because I have combination skin that leans towards oily and battle hormonal breakouts.  But I am becoming converted.  Today I will be reviewing Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Oil.
Moroccan Argan Oil
Knick-named “liquid gold”, this 1-ounce bottle of certified organic Moroccan Argan Oil sells for just $12.99.  Note:  I got mine half price because I ordered the Glamorganic Goddess Beauty Kit.
This oil is golden in color and a bit thinner than standard kitchen oils.  Argan oil is made from the nut kernels of the argan tree.  In general, argan oil has culinary, medicinal, and beauty uses.

This is what Acure says about this oil: It is incredibly rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and proteins, argan oil helps:

--Fight lines
--Repair imperfections
--Minimize scars + stretchmarks
--Restore texture
--Restore elasticity
--Restore tone.


  • From what I can tell, it has not caused me to breakout.  It absorbs into the skin easily enough and does not clog my pores.
  • My skin hasn’t felt this soft in like, forever.  I remember the first time I used this at night.  I put it on and kept on feeling my face and thinking, “Soft, soft, soft!”  Then I woke up and felt my face and thought, “Still soft!”  I love how smooth and soft my face feels.
  • I would say that it can double as a serum.  Although I have not seen a reduction in specific lines, I would say that my skin has a good, plump texture.
  • This argan oil is so versatile.  I use it on my face, hair, and hands.  I also use it on a couple of my kids, especially the baby who has dry patches of skin.  I can see this being a real workhouse for my family, especially during our exzema-plagued winter months.


  • To me it has a strong earthy, kind of unpleasant smell.  I have found out in my research that good quality argan oil is supposed to smell like that, and since it goes away quickly, I overlook the smell (mostly).  Acure does sell other bottles of argan oil that have essential oils added to them, so maybe the essential oils help drown out that smell.
  • I wish I had the bigger bottle.  Because it is so versatile, my 1-ounce bottle is more than half empty and it has only been 20 days!  BUT if I was using it exclusively on my face then I can see a 1-ounce bottle lasting 2-3 months (one-half to one pump per use).
  • Foundations are tricky to apply after using this oil.  You basically have to wait about seven to ten minutes for it to completely sink in.  I don’t know about you, but time is critical in my makeup routine.  If I can’t progress at a fast pace, then it just doesn’t get done (did I mention I have five kids, all 10 year and under).  I have had the best luck with powder foundation when using this oil.  I might have to resort to using this only at night to enable faster foundation application in the morning.

BOTTOMLINE:  Despite its smell, I love how soft and moisturized my skin feels when I use this oil.  It also doesn’t cause me to breakout.  Acure Organics Moroccan Argan Oil rocks and I recommend buying it.

What is your experience with argan oil?  What is your favorite brand?

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