Thursday, October 1, 2015

Annmarie Purifying Mud Mask Review

If you read my last post, then you will already be familiar with the skin care brand, Annmarie.  If not, then let me quickly say that Annmarie skin care products are organic/wildcrafted and made with LOVE (it says so on the ingredients).  Today we will be taking an in-depth look at the Purifying Mud Mask.  It has been my exclusive mask-friend for two weeks, all thanks to Annmarie.

Annmarie Purifying Mud Mask
This is a 50 ml jar for $39.95 that should last 4+ months, depending on your skin type/usage.  This is for ALL skin types.  Oily skin types use 2x/week, normal 1x/week, and dry 1x/month.  I am treasuring my jar!

Annmarie says:

This product is a special blend of mineral rich clays and nutritive blue-green algae. Masks have been used for thousands of years by many cultures for skin toning, tightening, and as a natural spa treatment straight from Mother Earth. Using our Purifying Mud Mask regularly will cleanse and re-mineralize, as well as remove impurities from your pores without destroying its natural balance.
You should know right now that this mask is not pre-mixed.
It is in powder form (light pinkish brown) and you will need to mix it yourself (dark rust colored when wet).  To mix this product, I take about a teaspoon of the powder and add water a few drops (yes, drops) at a time until it is a smooth paste.  I felt like crying when I added in too much water and the precious product ran through my fingers and down into the sink where it was definitely wasted...I felt like crying.  Once it is applied (including as close to eyes as possible) I wait until it is dry.  I feel really tribal when I use this mask, kind of like I am bonding with the earth.  
As I wait for it to dry (about 10 minutes), I analyze its smell.  Its smell seriously intrigues me.  Its like a spice or exotic food, but the ingredient list doesn't help me pinpoint it.  There are only three ingredients in this mask and I super-love that!

  • Rose clay
  • Morrocan rhassoul clay
  • chlorella algae

I love that this mask is easy and quick to rinse off.  I also love how energized, fresh, and smooth my skin feels.  Despite that, I need to quickly use toner and moisturize, or else I start feeling parched.

I don't love the price though.  If I ever work up enough stamina to make my own skin care products, I think this mask will be the first one I attempt (but I don't know where to find Rose clay or chlorella  I would try it before you buy a full-size, just to make sure that you like its unique smell.  I do like it.

How to sample:
This is what Annmarie says about how to sample their products:
"When you get a [sample] kit, you also get free shipping...and a $10.00 off coupon that you can use on a future purchase. This means if you like the line, which we're sure you will, your sample kit was essentially free!"
Note:  You cannot use the voucher to buy another sample kit.  That would just be never-ending freebies!  ;)  You can use the voucher towards a travel kit.

Abi-Saves Tip:  For the best bang for your buck, I recommend that you purchase a sample kit, and then use the $10 voucher to buy your favorite product OR buy a travel kit.  I think the travel kits are actually a better value (ml for ml) than buying full-sized.

When you order in the future, shipping within the domestic states is a flat $4.95 standard shipping for any weight.

Annmarie Customer Support and Return Policy:  I have had wonderful and speedy support from her company.  Employee Lisa has been great at answering questions and also giving suggestions on dealing with any problem I've encountered.  They want you to love their products as much as they do and will treat your concerns with a personal touch.  I think their return policy is good and would order with confidence.
Thanks again, Annmarie!

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