Friday, October 9, 2015

Annmarie Neroli Toning Mist Review

If you are new to my blog, then let me catch you up.  I am doing a series on facial skin care.  Annmarie is the first brand I am reviewing.  Annmarie skin care is organic/wildcrafted and made with LOVE (it says so on the ingredients).  Today is actually the last Annmarie product that I have to review for this series, before moving on to other brands.  It has be thrilling to get to know this brand.  I have felt so pampered!  Here are the post links to the other Annmarie skin products that I have reviewed.

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Now on to the review!

Neroli Toning Mist
This 50 ml bottle ($27.95) will last you approximately 400 pumps (2+ months).  I used about 3 spritzes morning and night.  It is good for all skin types.  It contains only ONE ingredient: pure neroli (orange blossom) distillate.  It has been my exclusive toner for two weeks, all thanks to Annmarie.
This is a picture of Annmarie Neroli Toning Mist in a dark bottle with a spritzer top.
Annmarie says that this mist can:
  • restore pH balance
  • hydrate and soothe
  • refine pores
  • enhance mood
  • be an aphrodisiac (think Goddess of Love)
  • drive serum nutrients deeper into skin
Let me tell you this:
 I love love LOVE how this smells.  I wish I could dance in a mist of this Neroli Toning Mist.  It smells that good.  When I smell this mist, I feel emotionally grounded and encouraged.  I also think it does a good job as a toner.  It does not sting.  My skin felt soft and refreshed after spraying it on my face.  But there were times when I really missed my Thayers Rose Toner.  I think that I will try them together and see how they do.

Annmarie Neroli Toning Mist is what introduced me to Neroli distillate and I am so grateful for that.  I had never even heard of it before I tried this product.  However, I think that this toner is way over-priced.  I say this because on her blog, Annmarie recommends a company called Mountain Rose Herbs and they sell a certified organic Neroli Hydrosol for $6.50 (plus $6.22 shipping) and it is twice the size.  There are also sellers on Etsy and a few other online companies.  Now, I have only tried Annmarie's Neroli Mist, so I cannot compare them with any others that are on the market.  Perhaps Annmarie uses a higher concentration than others, hence the high price???

If you do want to sample this wonderful mist, then here is what Annmarie says about sampling her products:
"When you get a [sample] kit, you also get free shipping...and a $10.00 off coupon that you can use on a future purchase. This means if you like the line, which we're sure you will, your sample kit was essentially free!"
Note:  The sample kits are tiny and are meant to last 2-3 days.  You cannot use the voucher to buy another sample kit. ;)  When you order in the future, shipping within the domestic states is a flat $4.95 standard shipping for any weight.

Abi-Saves Tip: For the best bang for your buck, I recommend that you purchase a sample kit, and then use the $10 voucher to buy your favorite product OR buy a travel kit.  I think these travel kits are actually a better value (ml for ml) than buying full-sized.  You can use the voucher on the travel kits.

Annmarie Customer Support and Return Policy:  I have had wonderful and speedy support from her company.  Employee Lisa has been great at answering questions and also giving suggestions on dealing with any problem I've encountered.  They want you to love their products as much as they do and will treat your concerns with a personal touch.  I think their return policy is good and would order with confidence.
Thanks again, Annmarie!

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