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Annmarie Herbal Facial Oil Review

If you haven't read any of my other reviews of Annmarie skin care products, then you should know that the Annmarie company makes organic, wildcrafted skin care with ingredients straight from Mother Earth.  For me, their line is also a double bonus of aroma therapy because these products are saturated with completely pure and natural scents that just occur naturally.  Thanks to Annmarie for sending me a bottle, I get to tell you about one of the face moisturizers.

There are four moisturizing facial oils in the Annmarie line, each focusing on a different skin type....sensitive, normal/combo, oily/acne, and mature.  They do not make facial lotion for for a couple of reasons, detailed here.  Annmarie believes that pure, unadulterated oils work best for moisturizing the face.

Annmarie Herbal Facial Oil for Normal and Combination Skin

This 15 ml bottle for $37.95 will last about 115 pumps.  I usually only use half a of pump morning and night, so this would last me between 3-4 months but Annmarie gives a estimate that it will last a little over a month.  Sounds like YMMV.
This is picture of a 15 ml bottle of Annmarie Facial Oil
Like the cleanser, it also took me a while to become friends with this oil.  I am just used to lotion.  I quickly learned that facial oil has its own set of rules.  A very tiny bit of facial oil goes a LONG way.  I was using too much (a full pump) at first and it felt way too stifling on my face.  The less I used, the better it felt on my face.

Annmarie says:
Its potent blend of antioxidants and moisturizing oils are a pure delight for your skin and will leave you with a glow that others will envy. Our Herbal Facial Oil for Normal and Combination Skin will leave your face refreshed and hydrated.
 Made With:  Love, Herb infused oil (*grapeseed oil, *milk thistle seed, *rosemary leaves, *green tea leaves, *rooibos, *life everlasting flowers, *licorice root, *gotu kola leaves, *calendula flowers, *lavender flowers, *hibiscus flowers, *echinacea purpurea, *plantago leaves, *shavegrass (horsetail herb), *comfrey leaves, *comfrey root, *lemon balm, *lotus stamen, *rhodiola, *rose petals, *violet leaves, *acai fruit, *amla, *ashwagandha, *frankincense, *ginko leaves, *goji berries), *fractionated coconut oil, *sunflower oil, *olive oil, *aloe vera oil, *passion fruit seed oil, *carrot seed oil, non-GMO vitamin E tocopherols, *tamanu oil, evening primrose extract, seabuckthorn berry extract, sandalwood oil, rosehip extract, *jasmine sambac absolute, calendula extract, * raspberry seed oil, *buriti fruit oil, *cranberry seed oil, bergamot oil, blue chamomile oil, melissa oil, *rosemary extract.            *Organic or wildcrafted
The oil itself is a deep golden color than is more runny than thick (see picture below).  Like other Annmarie products, I think it smells wonderful and warm-toned.
This is a picture showing a pump of Annmarie Facial Oil up close on my hand.
This facial oil definitely moisturized my face, and with its scent, I would say that it luxuriously did its job to moisturize.  Although I didn't feel that I had a "glow" that other people were envying, like the bottle claimed.

In my two weeks of using this, I did have some pimples pop up (although I do not know if that came from using this oil or from my cycle).  In retrospect, I think that my skin type is more oily than combination and that I would have much better success with their Facial Oil for Oily and Acne Prone Skin.  

The only thing stopping me from buying a bottle of the right kind of this oil right now is the expense.  I am a novice user of facial oil, but my gut instinct is telling me to shop around for more economical natural moisturizers.  I definitely advise that you try it out before buying a bottle.

How to sample:
This is what Annmarie says about how to sample their products:
"When you get a [sample] kit, you also get free shipping...and a $10.00 off coupon that you can use on a future purchase. This means if you like the line, which we're sure you will, your sample kit was essentially free!"
Note:  The sample kits are tiny and are meant to last 2-3 days.  You cannot use the voucher to buy another sample kit. ;)  When you order in the future, shipping within the domestic states is a flat $4.95 standard shipping for any weight.

Abi-Saves Tip: For the best bang for your buck, I recommend that you purchase a sample kit, and then use the $10 voucher to buy your favorite product OR buy a travel kit.  I think these travel kits are actually a better value (ml for ml) than buying full-sized.  You can use the voucher on the travel kits.

Annmarie Customer Support and Return Policy:  I have had wonderful and speedy support from her company.  Employee Lisa has been great at answering questions and also giving suggestions on dealing with any problem I've encountered.  They want you to love their products as much as they do and will treat your concerns with a personal touch.  I think their return policy is good and would order with confidence.
Thanks again, Annmarie!

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